Sketching is a wonderful way of taking notes and record thinking and working. But how to start? Most important if you want to do sketching it is not about art. You do not to be very good in arts or drawing. It is more about the doing itself. You need to find your very own way of sketching.

But in this article i want to assist you on how to start with sketching. If i speak about sketching and recording with other people there is always one question. How can you be quick enough to follow someone speaking with your sketches. A very simple trick is to simplify the drawing you do. You need to create your very own sketching vocabulary.

After some practice you will have your very own picture vocabulary including the most important topics and buzzwords which you will use every time when you do a recording or sketching.

Lets Start

So lets start at the beginning. If you want to create your very own icons or pictures you need to look own the most important characteristics of you image. For example looking at a mice. What do we need to see to realize a drawing as a mice. It should have a long nose, two huge ears, a long small tail and a round body. very simple to draw.

Or as a second example. What do we need to draw a fox. A round body, 4 legs, a nose, two triangle ears and a long Tail. And do not forget the whiskers 😉

What i want to show you is, it is not necessary to draw great images. It is about the main characteristics. What aspects are necessary to identify the image?

And now to get to speed with you sketching you need the 5 basic shapes for sketching. If you analyze the symbols and icons you want to draw you can break down most of the images into very basic drawings. Try to use these 5 basic shapes to draw all your pics.

These shapes are

  • The dot

  • The Line

  • The triangle

  • The rectangle

  • The circle

By combining these shapes you should be able to create all objects you need. For example if you want to draw a pencil. What do we need? A square at the top for the rubber part. A rectangle in the middle and a triangle as the pencils tip. very easy and easy to recognize.


Try it for your self and develop some basic shapes. Develop your very own sketching language. After some practice you will get faster and faster. Knowing most of the required objects using your vocabulary.

You should start now. Beginn now.


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