Would this make sence in a design chellance if you develop great products and Solutions?

These where also my thoughts when i entered my first chellenge and i saw a huge stop watch in the middle on the table. This would Limit the possibilities of the Team?

But i learned something new during the sessions. I was very suprised about the results but after a while i saw a huge benefit in it. The effect we will use is the timely pressure of getting Things done on time. The Situation will increase the effectivnes of the Team and will improve the results.

So how does it work

Every time you start a working session during the design chellange you should set a timeframe when this work should be finished or stopped. If you start a Brainstorming session set a Limit on 10 or 15 min for example. As the time is running out the Team will increase there effort to create ideas and sollutions. A lot of great thoughts will be recorded during the last few minutes. A Stop watch will set this Limit and will visualize the time running out.

This is one example but should be used for all sessions you will. Team efforts during ideate and creative session. If you work in Design Thinking also your prototyping should be limited by a stop time. This would avoid the Team to Focus on simple aspects and lose there Overall view on the Topic and challenge. Keep the Point of view in Focus and do not overdevelop the prototype.


So in the end you will be suprised by the effectivnes of it. Try it and use a stop watch for your ideate sessions and work. A simple stop watch would work. Even the one on your smart phone can be used. There are also specially designed watches available to use it. A very nice visual way of using them. They are huge and have a great design.

So enjoy your time…





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