Combining the methods for Service Design and Design Thinking into on great solution. You will end up with Service Design Thinking. This is what this book is about.

First of all i want to highlite how this book has been written. As a result of community work the book has a lot list of contributors and authors. Providing a large amount of experience and knowledge. 23 authors from the a service design community provided their knowledge and

Three major sections

Basics – Tools – Cases

The book opens with a quick introduction and some backgrounds about the topic of service design thinking. Entering the first section. In this section we will get an introduction into the topic of Service Design and Design Thinking. Delivering the basic knowledge and methods to use. The 5 principles of Service Design and a four step approach for Design Thinking is used and explained. Combining both topics into Service Design Thinking

User centered – co-creative – sequencing – evidencing – holistic


Exploration – Creation – Reflection – Implementation



To be able to start working in this area will be a lot of materials, methods and tools are explained in the second part of the book. All tools you need to start developing great services. Explained with how toes and examples on how to use them you will get a great step by step guide.

Use Cases and user stories

The last part will give you a lot of practical examples where service design thinking has been implemented and used. Use Cases and user stories to provide a more deeply knowledge into the topic. What did work, what did not work and did they implement it into their work. They are mostly companies and user groups.

Great work and valuable

Overall the book can be used as a guide for implementing and using Service Design Thinking into your organisation. Service development and teamwork. Not only methods it is also providing mindset and passion to everyone who is interested in this area.

A valuable resource and guide for Service Design



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