Product and service design can be very difficult when getting stuck in your own thinking. So it can be useful to put your idea into a different light. Change the perspective you are looking onto your product.


What is the problem. Sometimes products are developed in a very specific way. For example, a group of IT developers will develop there solution with a very strong IT perspective. This does not mean it will not be a good solution. But it could be that the final product will have some characteristics and functions developed different than you need. The reason is the way of thinking the team will have. The IT group are focused on great IT solutions. Teams out the business units do have a different way of thinking more focused on working solution in there mind. So what is this method for.


To avoid problems to occur after you have fully developed your product it can be useful to put your solution into a different light. Change the perspective and the way of looking on it. And of course in dependency of you sector you are working in, it can be very useful to go more extreme ways. Developing products for home or pets you should try to think of what a dog would think about your product? Change the perspective in an extreme way. All perspectives you can think of. Grand parents, Kids, men, women, birds, cats……


Using this method can be very useful to identify problems and difficult areas in your solution. Using a different perspective will give you a different way of thinking and you will be able to escape your typical way of thinking. Definitely will improve the quality of your solution and will also improve your product.

Give it a try and start looking in different ways and start putting solutions into a different light…


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