If you start forming a Design thinking team you will always hear the argument “I am not a designer” or “I am not a creative person”. If you look for team member this will be the answer by the people, many many times. You will ask to join the Team to design and great solution or product and they don´t want to join because they think they can not handle it. But…

This is not true, everyone can be a designer

A great team

A great design thinking team consists of many very different people including a lot different backgrounds and knowledge’s. The power of idea generation will be done in the team and the team will give a various perspectives and motivations to reach the design goal. The best solutions and opportunities will be given by these diverse teams.

But how…


…can you reach this goal to create a strong and creative team to design your next generation product.

Forming a design thinking team can always be very difficult. You need to act as a recruiter to look for the people. If you found them you need to speak with them and try to satisfy them for your project. But why is it so difficult.

Many people build up a wall in their mind, telling them they are not creative they can not be a good member of the team. They think it will not be beneficial if they will join the team. But you should give them a chance, invite them and convince them to join. Of course there are also people who are not the right character to do think kind of work. But this can be identified very easy.

A great coach

Now it is the turn for your design thinking coach to get to know the team members and start to form the team. There are a lot of great methods to support you on forming the team. You need to bring them together and start to open there mind for the next steps. You will be surprised with a bit of training how the ideas and creative thoughts will come up by the team. Event people who are quiet and introverted will bring up some ideas and thoughts supporting the team. With a bit of training and and team play you can create a lot of great solutions and opportunities.


And your team will really like it. Everyone will be happy and surprised about their creative thinking.

Methods you can use for your teambuilding:

  • Interviews
  • Partner interviews
  • Truth and lies
  • blind drawing
  • ….

So start building up your team. And always keep in mind.

Everyone can be a designer – They just need to start their journey



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