Everyone of us knows the situation of young pupils these days. More and more work in less time. The time in school is getting shorter, less lessons, less time to introduce new topics and learning materials. And a lot of questions about homework and more tasks are raising.
A new method of on demand learning materials and a flipped concept could reduce the load and pressure on pupils these days. Following this concept, the pupils will flip around their way of learning.

Flipped Bird


Learn at home, work at school, the flipped classroom.

The concept is using an on demand video platform like YouTube to provide the required learning materials for the pupils. These days even young pupils are already familiar on how YouTube works and how to use it. So using a platform like these you can provide great content for learning on a on-demand basis. The pupils can Learn when they want and how often they want. If you need to refresh some areas of knowledge you can quickly review the parts in the relevant videos. Jump between capitals and topics. Have a break if you need one.

Video lectures provide the content

You will learn new topics and materials at home watching clips and trainings. At school you will learn how to work with it. The teacher will act as a kind of assistant, helping you with questions and further information’s. Practice at school to enforce your knowledge.

Modern on demand platforms are able to track users learning tracks what they have done, how often they watched a video, what is missing. The teacher is able to create and customize the learning track for his class. The platform can also be used as a collaboration platform to ask questions and discuss open topics. The pupils will learn how to work as a team helping each other and how to use a collaboration environment. The teacher or a trainer can monitor the progress and help via the platform. Quick answers or chats with the pupils.

Over all the pupils will benefit from the very flexible concept of learning.

The new concept is already tested at several schools and universities. Always with positive results and comments by the pupils.


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  1. This is the future of learning! I’m a huge fan of watching video and reading to learn, and there are studies showing that the combo helps us better retain knowledge. We are in the Information Age and need to help others learn in more meaningful ways, including through feedback. That’s why I believe in tools like Hypothes.is, CritiqueIt and Genius. Feedback is the key to building intuition and becoming an expert in a given field of study. It helps us broaden our perspectives. What’s your take on digital annotation tools?


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