Inspired by a session i joined about responsible innovation at the Delft University of Technology I want to pick up a though which is really interesting.

Innovation is not a Project.

Everyone wants to be innovative these days. So you want to design a new product or change a process and a new project will be scheduled. You start the project, handle it as a project and close it as a project. The only difference is the way you designed your product. But does this really mean you are innovative now?

Absolutely not! Innovation means much more than completing a single project. Innovation is a way of thinking and working. Innovativ companies managed to change there companies culture. In this case you will have several initiatives and projects running at the same time. Done by the people. You changed the way of work. At the end you will get a whole group of products or different processes. The look and feel of your company has been changed.

So keep in mind of you want to be innovative as a company you need the care about the people working for it. Train them, help them and try to change there way of working and thinking. Also some external help by a trainer can help to show possible ways for you. Also keep in mind this takes time. But if you are able to complete the track you will see some very positiv results soon. Motivated creative people, great working experiences and of course a lot of cool products.

Think about it and create a plan for it.

Help the people,

improve the company,

change the word!

Thanks to the team at TUDelft who created this great course about responsible innovation for this wonderful thoughts.




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