What is New Work? There are countless opinions and answers to this question. But what is behind it? I would like to try to bring some light into the darkness. First of all I would like to say: New Work is not a method. That’s something to say in principle. You have to say goodbye to this thought. But then what is it? Often you hear the explanation it is a movement and I would still supplement the mindset. It’s a variant of how to tackle topics and problems and how to shape the working world of tomorrow.

A box of wonderful ideas

So what’s new work now? At one of the last camps I’ve been to, the idea came up that New Work is a colorful box of ideas and concepts and you have to find the right one for the company and its employees. I find this a very fitting summary. There are many ideas around the topic New Work and you have to look which one is feasible for your own role and the company. Not everything is feasible and some things don’t make sense for you either. But in the core it is about questioning your own tasks and roles in the right way and developing them further. People often talk about giving more meaning to their own actions.

Meaningfulness, meaning and self-realization

If you ask people who have been dealing with these topics for a long time, they usually come up with these terms. To give the work more meaning and to enable the employees to realize themselves. Employees want to see more sense in their work and the mass and non-productive time must be reduced. Many employees complain that they spend a lot of time on reactive work throughout the day that does not benefit them or the company. Hence the approach, not everything makes sense but many can take you further.

NewWork for Everyone

For everyone? Is that possible? I say “why not?” that’s the big secret about New Work. I look for out what brings me and my work something. Office workers will have completely different requirements and needs than factory workers. But for both roles I can see through which approaches and ideas I can improve their work situation. Just what makes sense. A frequently cited example is the trust-based working time for employees. I can do that, but if it doesn’t make sense for my role, I can stay with the recording and think about other ways and options that make sense for that role. That’s why I can’t be part of the New Work movement. But I can! Just to my whiteness.

New Work is a mindset and a movement

In summary, I would like to emphasize once again that there is the NewWork as a method that one cannot apply! An important first step in the sense of the New Work is the development of a mindset which deals with the means and ideas the company and the staff can be brought forward with and the meaningfulness and meaning for the staff can be increased and very important, without the user it doesn’t work. Talk to the users and those who should carry and implement it in the end. A shift to a mindset which should then set the movement in motion A New Work movement …