Sometimes it’s just time to play. I think all of us have been in a situation where our minds are stuck. It doesn’t go forward and it doesn’t go back. No ideas and no progress. Here’s a nice idea that can help us escape this situation. It’s time to play.

Solve brain-blockades by playing a little game

I read about it in the book: “The Happiness Track” by Emma Seppälä which tells about an experience in which a team was stuck in a similar situation. The trainer therefore decided to send the team outside. Outside all kinds of game objects were built up and the team got the task to let off steam. After their return to the original task, the participants party that everything comes as if by itself in running and the topics can be brought forward.

Whether a board game, a team game or whatever else is available. What you do is not so important. The activity is important. Also the walk through a park or once around the block help to solve such a thought jam. It is important to change the room and to let the new thoughts run free in this environment. Give your head a break and do something different. We know it from children, play inspires creativity and supports the flow.
Some may know these games in a slightly different way than Icebreaker Games. Slightly changed but following the same concept to inspire creativity. But as I said before, it’s not so much what you do that matters here, but that you do something different or new.

When I read this I found it a great approach and a nice report to recognize and counteract such mental jams. It makes sense to try something new. The best thing is something that is fun and you can just let yourself go.

Let go and have fun

A nice side-effect, that all team members leave the stress and frustration behind them for a moment, forget the situation and can undo the knot that led to the hanger. Get your head clear, be in a good mood and be motivated to try a new approach to the topic. You will see how quickly the team gets back on track and can produce good results.

A great idea and a great concept. If it hangs again, maybe just go for a little play ….



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