Whiteboards or Dry-Erase boards and Flip charts are part of every workshop and creativity session. We all know them in a lot of scenarios. During a session you have created a lot charts, lists of bullet points and some very creative pictures and thoughts on your Whiteboard or Flip chart. To safe this information anyone of the team took his smart phone and started to take pictures of every page and send it later via email to all participants.

How does a smart generation of whiteboards and flip charts look like?

Yes of course. If you look at the newest generation of whiteboards or flip charts you will not see a huge difference in the appearance. Also a white board with pens to write on. They have the same dimensions the same look and feel. The only visible difference are some buttons and icons around the board and you need a power supply. And you do not have paper on the flip chart.

Innovative functionality? You still write with a classical pen or marker  and draw your pictures on the whiteboard. So the look and feel has not changed at all. But in the background around the board there is a new sensory system installed which records the work you are doing with your pen or the swam. They follow the actions done on the board and will create a digital image of it while you are working on it. This one can be followed or can be sent out via email or a dedicated app to your desk or mobile device. If someone of your working group was not able to join on site. No problem the drawings can be followed by the app remotely while the rest of the team is creating them on site.

Smart Kapp ImageNo need to take blurry pictures any more. Everything is stored digitally in your app. Also steps while creating the full chart are available.  So you can follow the steps done during the session. A huge benefit as all your work and thoughts are stored in your database and can be reviewed if you need them.

A wonderful device to assist you and your team in the innovation process and creative sessions. A lot of use cases are possible. All kind of conferences where you want to take notes or collect thoughts and information. As it keeps the classical look and feel of whiteboards with pens and a swam and everything else is done in the background. A wonderful experience for everyone who likes to use whiteboards for their work.


If you are interested in further details and information check the Smart Kapp solution provided by Smart Technologies. Who is one manufacturer of smart whiteboards and flip charts.

Provided by Smart Technologies via YouTube



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