Exploring the internet and learning possibilities you will find it very often. School and many universities are offering them already also organizations and institutes. A famous way for online learning and education via online services and platforms. But what does it stand for and what stand behind it.

“You can join our MOOC to learn interesting stuff”

First, MOOC stand for Massive Open Online Course. Which means the offered course is open for huge amount of trainees and learners. If offered by a university this course will contain learning materials for an open audience. But the universities are offering these course not on their own platforms. Exploring the internet you will find several provider platforms for MOOCs like edx.org or Coursera. Also some companies are using their own platform to offer MOOCs for customers and the whole audience. For example IDEO, OpenHPI or SAP. Increasing their reputation and standing. Sometimes also for introducing their products. To use it as a marketing tool.

What´s inside

When joining a MOOC you normally have a list of videos to watch and texts to read. Followed by quizzes to check your learning status. The topics are normally on university level and contains a huge amount of topics. You can find MOOCs with a huge variation of topics. Starting with IT, management and economic topics you can also learn basic languages or even complex topics like quantum mechanics, astro physics or rocket sciences. The duration depends on the topic normally between 4 to 12 weeks with different amount of work required to reach the final goal.

How does it work

Normally you need to register yourself on one of the mentioned platforms or universities to be able to enroll into a course. After you reached the course start date the first week will be available to start. You need to watch the videos and read the texts. Sometimes also some practical work is required. At the end of each lecture you need to pass a quiz. Some courses also have assignment where you need to present some work you have done and other course member will rate your work.

Collaboration is a very important part for a MOOC. Course leader always recommend do take part in the discussions going on but it is also possible to finish a course if you do not want to.

The reach the final goal you need to pass a set passing grade as an average of all quizzes and assignments. If you have passed this line you will receive a certificate for course fulfillment. Some MOOCs require a verification to confirm you will do the course by yourself.


A very interesting concept I joined a lot of them already. I like the opportunity to be able to learn new topics and concepts by universities far far away. You can learn what you want, where you want and when you want. You should try it too.

Below you will find some links:

  • OpenHPI
  • OpenSAP

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