Good morning, it is Wednesday and we start the third day in our Design Sprint. After we have been intensively occupied with the collection of ideas and possible solutions on Tuesday, we now come to refine the solutions further and to determine winners for the prototype. Here we go …

A bunch of solutions

As a result of our sessions on Tuesday evening, we now have a whole bunch of possible solutions. A whole bunch, that’s good, but also represents our current problem. How should we now develop our prototype? Which solution is the right one? Or the one that makes the best impression.

Questioning solutions

We must question our solutions. We have to intensively question and strengthen and weaken them. We have to filter out which solutions are most likely to fail or cannot solve the problem. Discuss what speaks for or against a solution. Do you perhaps encounter insurmountable hurdles?
The most important thing is to be critical in any case. Everything must be questioned. No solution should be elevated to the next round by sympathy. Hierarchies must also remain unnoticed here. Only because the boss likes a certain solution this must not be a free ride ticket.

Choosing the right solution

But now is the time to find the right solution. Now that we have given a lot of thought to the solutions, we have hopefully accumulated a lot of knowledge and perhaps even discovered some favorites. So that it can go on now our small red points are again to the turn. Each team member gets a very limited number of points and may now distribute them among the solution ideas. The solution that received the most points has won. Actually a very simple method.

A step by step guide

If you want, you can talk about why the favorite was chosen as the right solution. Collect thoughts. Because now it’s time to develop a tutorial to describe our chosen solution. We work again with sketches and design a model as accurate as possible, a story board about the applied solution.

Ready for prototyping

Now we are ready to make our solution a reality. We have our plan, our idea, now we are ready to go. Ready for prototyping. But that happens on Thursday.


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