We are starting the year 2020, a new year with new ideas, challenges and goals. Let’s get started

When I look back on the past year, I see a very eventful year behind me. A year with highs and lows. Great events but also with some changes and so everything from the past year now serves as a basis for the coming one.

So let’s let 2019 end now and look ahead to 2020 – it’s time for new goals and new directions. What do we want to achieve in the new year and what goals have we set ourselves? I am very curious where the journey will go and I am looking forward to it together with you and so I want to say thank you again. I started this blog in June 2016 and I am happy that it is always very much appreciated. I hope it will continue to be so in 2020 and I can still present many interesting topics and articles here. Answer questions and maybe give some inspiration to others.

I look forward to an exciting year and wish you a happy new year. All the best and a good start into the year 2020.