A very different welcome if you access these new Hilton Hotel. Next to the regular receptionist you will this small person who is able to assist in many different way.

Let´s welcome “Connie” the first Watson enabled hotel concierge.

This small robot has been invented by IBM and will be used by the Hilton group to support there customers with answering questions and providing information.


A great opportunity for the Hilton group to do this step. Introducing a robot to assist the Hotel reception will be a great advantage. Many of us know the situation where just need to get some information like, where is the next train station? Where can i go for dinner? And if you look at the reception there has just a group of people arrive who want to check in. Why not asking a robot? Very interesting.

I like the step they made to make this service available in a Hotel. A great opportunity and a huge potential to increase the service level and customer satisfaction. A great step in innovation for hotel businesses.

I included a small video where you can get some impressions how the service will look like.

Source: YOUTUBE Channel – Hilton Worldwide – 09.03.2016





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