A year comes to an end, a new one begins. I wish you all the best and a wonderful start into the year 2019. There will certainly be much to learn and discover in 2019 as well. Interesting topics around innovation, design thinking, visualizations and learning methods. Sure to read a lot again and to visit great events. I’ll keep my eye on it and try to place a lot on the Learnsuits DE and Learnsuits COM blogs again in the new year.
First stop the Digital Future Congress 2019 in Frankfurt will start in January.
Great speakers and interesting topics are waiting for us.

A look back

Looking at the past year and looking at your work on the blog, my personal highlight was the Design Sprint I described day after day. I’ve been working on this for a while now and finally put it into action.
But the most interest among the readers was still attracted by an older article. One question, many sticky notes and a challenge. HMW How Might We was the most viewed article this year.
I am glad that I was able to arouse your interest and perhaps answer the one or other question.
I am looking forward to a new year with hopefully many new topics and beautiful articles on Learnsuits.

Kick Off 2019

I wish you a good and pleasant start into the year 2019. Stay curious and enjoy trying.
Greetings, Markus

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