We dive into it – our environment, the problem, the subject. The Deep Dive is an important step to become familiar with the conditions and characteristics of a topic. This can be the case as a team or for myself. So that I can work out an idea or a solution to a question, it is important to understand the problem as well as possible and in depth.

We Dive Into It

In order for the team and I to be able to say something about a topic, the first thing I have to ask myself is where do I stand at the moment? Am I even in a position to form an opinion on a topic? What about my knowledge? Do I know the topic? Do I know my way around? or am I rather a newcomer? What about my comrades-in-arms? I think in most cases the answer will be rather that there are still clear gaps here. Now it is important to find an entrance here. How can I define my knowledge and my point of view and expand in depth. The best thing for me is to coordinate with my colleagues and the team. If there is a consensus here we can start. Get into the Deep Dive. Let’s dive into it.

How to do it

The Deep Dive is not a method I can use now, but more a mindset that lets me ask the right questions. I have to immerse myself in the subject to become an expert. Collect more and more information and opinions. What can be learned about my topic in a manageable period of time and what will help me in my task.
Some topics are also simply too big to be analysed comprehensively. Therefore it is helpful to think about questions in advance, to define open points about which I would like to learn more and finally to set up Deep Dive in such a way that we get an answer exactly for these questions. User voices, opinions from the sale? Problems and ideas of the supporters? Where are problems? What does the user like. Here the Value Proposition Canvas can be used very well.

There are many ways to create a deep dive. This can be done as an interview or with a questionnaire. We can appear as users or see what can be said about a product on the internet. Subsequently, an evaluation can also take place in the team.

Always with regard to our task as a team, ask the right questions and you will quickly learn that you can get a good picture of a topic. It is also possible to do the Deep Dive in one episode, a series of questions that will be explored step by step. This way you get deeper and deeper into the topic step by step.

You are the Expert

The Deep Dive will help you to become the experts of your task. Even if your opinion may contradict one or the other, it is a great help to find your own point of view. Then the view from the outside can be a good approach to find good solutions for a topic.
So dive in and collect information, problem points, opinions and impressions and become an expert on your topic yourself.


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