If you run into any kind of a problem what are you gone do?
You will try to solve it. Later you experience the same or a similar problem.
And again you will try to solve It. At least after a third time you will start to wonder…

What should you do now?

Find the real cause for these problems. The analyses for the route cause will help you to find it. Very often we look at problems very facile and try to solve the problem we see first. But this will not help to prevent the problem to occur again. If you look closer, the problem can sometimes be found in very different area or direction where you will not expect it.

So how can we find the causing issue? Using the route cause analyzes you will always challenge the easy and visible issue you found. Why did the issue happen and what can be the reason for it. Then you will ask again. Why? If this reason has caused the problem – why did it occur. Is there a reason why this situation occur. Asking these questions you will get closer to the real problem with every step. Some people know this method as the WHY-Method as you always ask the why question to look closer. The result can also be drawn on a chart leading to the real root cause. A good average would be to go into the 5th level of analyzing the issue. Sometimes you need 4 questions, sometimes 6. Somewhere round about that. So you will ask the why question 5 times in a row to analyze the cause of the problem. You will be surprised what will be offered as answers to your questions.


Identifying the root cause can help you to solve real issues in a very efficient way. This can solve a list of problems as they are very often related to the same cause. But be careful looking to these deep issues can lead to a very hard time as it visualizes problems where you will not expect it. But it will really help.

Try it yourself, take one problem you know and ask why.

One example could be, you order a pizza. The delivery is happening much too late. You complain to the delivery person receiving a ticket by the company. But is it really his fault? Looking closer can show you that it was not his fault. Why was it delivered much to late? – The pizza was prepared in the kitchen much too late Leading to a delay in the delivery process. But…. Why was it prepared to late? Their fault?

Looking in the background shows a problem at the order process. When the order was accepted they made a mistake communicating the order for fulfillment. Leading to a discussion causing a delay until the kitchen can start to make your pizza.

Improve the order process will solve the real issue.


This method can be used for small daily life problems up to economic and industry use cases where will also use the same way of analyzing. So always check for the reason why a problem occur. Ask why and check if you found the real problem. This sounds very easy and simple as it is really easy and simple. Try it!


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