It’s Friday, we’ve arrived at the end of the design sprint. We analyzed the task we were given, took a picture of the problem, conducted interviews. We collected ideas, decided on the best solution and then built a prototype on the last day. Now we have to conduct interviews and tests. We need opinions and impressions from testers. Can our prototype solve the problem? We are on the right track.

Friday – The Prototype is beeing tested

At the end of the fourth day we finished our prototype and thought about who our testers could be. Which questions we ask and which scenarios we want to create. With this knowledge we start the last day of our sprint. We now have a whole day to do that. We know our target group, that’s what we already decided yesterday. So now we go out and have our prototype tested.

Interviews and Tests

What the tests should look like is now entirely in the hands of the teams. Certain functions can be tested. Complete solutions or whatever you want to test. But the concept should be fixed and consistent. All users test the same scenario. You can decide if you want to conduct the interview or if you want to let the user interact freely. It is important that you test critically and also want to leave your own comfort zone.
Mistakes have to be noticed now. What works well and what doesn’t. If the user likes the solution or if there are showstoppers. This is your chance to find out how well the prototype works.
If it fails after the tests in the production it is much worse and can cause great damage and financial damage.


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A very important point at this point is a clean documentation of the tests. It is best to have thought about this in advance and have already prepared documents and protocols. The contents then have to be recorded and documented quickly. In many cases already while one person is speaking. Since it must then go fast, in order not to miss anything, a good preparation should take place here.
Also because at the end an effective evaluation of the results should take place, it is important that a useful documentation takes place.

Conclusion and Review in Design Sprint

We arrived at the end of the sprint and at the end of the week. Now that a lot of testing and interviews have been done, it’s time to see where you’ve come from. Now that a lot of time has been invested in solving a problem, we have found a possible solution. Or maybe not?

Since we applied an open-ended concept, this can of course also be the case. So we have found a solution that does not solve the problem. In this case, we now have the opportunity to set up another sprint. But I would like to say something about that in another article.

For today you should have a look at all your work again and maybe summarize it for a presentation. I think that at the end of the session you will want to introduce and present your work.
These are your last tasks for today. and then you made it. Our week is coming to an end.



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