This time i want to bring you a very interesting and funny method for the ideation phase in your design process. This method is called “The eyes of an expert”. Very often used to create very different ideas and solution using real out of the box thinking.

When and how to use it

After defining the design challenge your team will start to work on possible ideas and solutions. This is the place were you can start to bring in your experts to help finding possibilities. How should we start

First we need a list of our experts. But these people do not need to be real topic experts. More important to have a list of people who have there very own way in solving problems. Because this will be used to define our solutions. So the team should decide who will be on there list. Everything is possible. Politicians, workers, sportsman also fantasy figures are possible.

After your list is completed your team should start with the first figure. Take your design challenge and think about possible solutions using the thinking of your expert. “How would Einstein solve our problem. How would a chemist do it? How would superman solve the problem?” Do not force your team on rules. Also collect strange ideas. It all about new ways of thinking.

When finishing your first round continues with the second person. The third one next.

A list of thoughts

You will end up with a huge list of ideas and thoughts. Do not rate or sort this list. This will be done in later steps during your design process. Even impossible solutions will help your team to improve the final solution and will open up new ways for design.

My recommend to have at least one fantasy figure on the list to support the new thinking in your team. It also supports the team spirit as it provide also a lot of fun to the team member.

Enjoy and create wonderful solutions.




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