Sometimes it is necessary to free up your mind and get rid of old thoughts and thinking.

This is the point where you should do an icebreaker game. If you are in a design challenge or a project, you should include them from time to time. Getting into the right mood and forming the right thoughts is necessary to create great ideas and concepts.

Icebreaker games are quick and easy games to reach this point. No need for large introductions, you can quickly start. Just to it.

Mostly made for teams using simple methods and ways it will help forming the right thinking and forming the team. Some of them are done in a group at the table, some of them need a room. But always developed for interactive working with your team colleagues.


How to do it

To bring a quick example. There is small icebreaker game called „What do we need for our party. You will invite your team to this game. In a small get together we will start this session. It contains two sessions. The initial first is will work with the question „what do we not need for party? So the first member will start: „We would really not need very loud music for our party. “ And will then hand it over to the next team member. She will continue. „Yes i agree! But we also do not need…. “ After several rounds and round about 10 min we would start the second part. In this part we will think about every we will need for our party. So the first one starts: „For our great party we should have a bubble bath….“ And of course should be some kind of over the top. We are trying to free up our mind for great new ways in thinking.


„…. Free up your mind. Start thinking in a new way!“


You will recognize the fast growing amount of great ideas and thoughts. Also a positive way of thinking will be given to the team. And they will enjoy and have a lot of fun doing these games.

And this is only one example. There a lot of great games available. You can find a lot in the internet or literatures. From time to time i will introduce some of these icebreaker games on

So give it a try and enjoy them.



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