First thinking, then sprinting. A concept to solve problems and to forge ideas. What if you combine the possibilities of design thinking and the strengths of the design sprint in one project? What could come of it?

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a open innovation-method in which a team defines a problem and develops solutions to solve it. The strength of the method is that you can never say where the idea will lead you. Is there a solution? and how could this look like. Using the 6-step process, problem fields are explored and a corresponding statement written. Subsequently, with the help of creativity methods developed solution possibilities. The problem with that is that you can not estimate the effort, the time and the result.

Design Sprint

The Design Sprint then sets at a point to use these features in the company environment. Time frame and structures play a crucial role here, which makes it easier for the management to estimate the effort. Ideally, a sprint is completed after one week and should be able to deliver a result. A week focused teamwork is the default. Likewise, here is a process which is also time-driven.

Combine the methods

So why not exploit both worlds and bring them together to a big project. The combination of Design Thinking and Design Sprint. Here, each can still follow his zeck. The Design Thinking as a broad and open method and the sprint to get focused and organized to the result.
We start with Design Thinking to work out the necessary background and knowledge. When our problem has been properly analyzed and formulated, the second step is to develop a working field and possible solutions. Here also like several in number. These possible solutions are put forward for decision.
The most popular and best solution is starting now. In the Sprint design, this concept is now focused and addressed. What you have come up with is now through the sprint. How can a concrete solution look like? How does she arrive? A rough idea turns a product into what’s now in the tests. Due to the scalability of the sprints, we of course have the opportunity to work on the solutions in several runs. If the first sprint does not lead to the result, the second one starts and so on. A big concept to push for the useable concept or product.


To Summaries

Design Thinking and Design Sprint – a strong combination with great potential. We start in Design Thinking. Analyze the environment, the problem and as a result we name possible fields of work and product concepts. The Design Sprint picks up this result and defines and concretises it. Makes a product out of the whole which can then be tested with the user. Targeted, solution-oriented and with foreseeable effort and necessities, great results can be generated in this combination.




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