Visual Thinking or to think visual.

A method to enable your brain to kick off your creativity and visual thinking. But what do we mean with that? Think visual.

If you think back, when you where a kid. What did you do a lot. You created drawings. You sketched and crinkled. All kind of pictures no matter how well made they where. But this was not important.
These pictures enabled your Phantasie, your story thinking, your creativity. And we want to have this power back. So how to do it.

Studies have shown that our brain is a visual thinker. It is much easier for us to keep pictures in mind then numbers or words. If we remember words we do keep the picture of the letters and the resulting word in our brain. Many high performance thinker who join challenges in remembering things do always store the information into a picture story.

So how can we enable our creativity with visual thinking.

What is visual thinking. In general everything about drawing and sketching. To enable your creative energy just start doodling what you think at the Moment. You will see this will help you to generate new ideas. Like a kid. But it is important you do not put any expectations into your drawings. Keep them simple and easy. Simple lines and objects can work for generating great ideas. Most important is to do the first step. Try it and start your first doodle. If you like you can remember visual Alphabet we had some articles ago. There is spoke about the simple shapes required to generate most Pictures. If you break down this method you can bring it down to 5 objects. Starting with a simple dot. Then a line. Followed by a circle, square and rectangle. Nothing more you Need to start doodleing your thoughts.

You can use this method when you are alone and what to generate some thoughts for your own purpose. But you can also do it in a Team. When you work on a Project or best if you work on a Innovation Project. Instead of writing words and sentences on sticky notes and Whiteboards try to draw what you mean. Create stories and Scenarios. A Picture can tell much more then just a simple word.

And always Keep in mind. Do not create a master piece in arts. Keep it simple and easy. Just do it….



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