What is a sketch note vocabulary and why you need it.

What are Visual notes

Visual notes are a wonderful way to take visual notes. They will assist you to store information collected in workshops, meetings or speeches. These can be taken at any situation when you want to collect some notes. The benefit about visual notes is to improve the ability to remember the content. As our brain is mainly thinking and working in pictures it can make sense to just create these ones for it. Sketch note taking can be one solution and method for it.

The Basics about visual notes

The foundation for these kind of note taking is defined in 4 symbols. Using these symbols you are able to create all kind of pictures and pictograms. These are a point, line, circle, scare, triangle.



Combining these 5 symbols will open the space to all kind of note you what to create.

But why a vocabulary

To make it even easier for you to take notes it make sense to create your personal visual vocabulary. Typical pics or the ones you need to use very often. Create these into a standard vocabulary for you. To use them easily for further notes you want to create. This vocabulary also involves types of lines, arrows, banner and all kind of symbols you need. People, work, objects, faces, impressions.

What is the benefit

Creating the vocabulary will help you to speed up your note taking while you are in the event. You will remember the most important pictograms while you do it and you can instantly use them. You will also create some kind of a standard – how you create people, how you store information, how you create buildings. Finally you will create some kind of language for your work. And this can be seen on all your documents. Easily identify some major topics and information. Really helpful when creating many notes.

You can create your own vocabulary or you can look for existing ones and start practice with them. But if you are interested in visual note taking you should start to think about your own visual language.







Like learning a Language

After you created your vocabulary you need to practice and train yourself using it. Its like in school when you learned a new language. Practice your visual note taking during meetings or presentations. If this would not be possible you can search in the internet for speeches by other people. Practice following them during there speech. You can pause and  retake some points if you need to redo drawings. Coming up to speed also needs to be trained.

It´s time to train and learn. Practice will help you to become a master of visual note taking. Give it a try.


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