The Sketchnote Handbook,

get rid of a hundred of notes and written comments. Start sketching.
These technic can be used in meetings, workshops, speaches, also for TV shows if you like to create visual notes instead of written text. In the Sketchnote Handbook you will get all Tools and the tips and tricks you Need to start your own drawings.  Starting with some simple Tools followed by further practices you will get into a good position to create you own workshop sketches soon. But over all it depends on practice, practice, practice.

Book Sketch

If you have a first look into the book you will notice that the whole book is written as a huge sketch note. You will practice step by step the different technics and topics about sketching. Starting with simple objects followed by writing and layouts. Always supported by practices and work units. At the end of each subject you can explore some examples about great Sketchnotes made by practitioners to show you how a final version can look like. The book contains a lot of great illustrations and charts. Well structured and arranged in a useful way

The book will assist you to get into a good position to start your own Sketchnote. Good for beginners and practitioners too. Everyone can benefit and enjoy the work units.

My recommend to everyone who wants to start with sketch note taking.



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