Speeches, stories, ceremonies, symbols these are the tools you need to change the world. You have a message or an idea now you need to spread it to the people. Nancy Duarty and Patti Sanchez will show you how. In their book Illuminate they will take you onto a journey in the world of public speaking. At work, organizations, on stage and any other scenario wherever you need to do a quick approach.

But what type of speech or symbol is required? What is the purpose, what is the goal…? These and many more questions will be answered.

A process of innovation is introduced including several steps and stages beginning with a dream and the final arrive at your goal. In dependency of your goal there are several steps required where you need to support your audience and focus on your goal. All done by a well placed speech and ceremonies. The authors support their process with several good examples where people used different types of speeches to reach their desired goal.

Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez explain the purposes and use cases in a very informative way. Supporting every step with examples and stories to help you understand the mayor points and steps. Written in a very comfortable way and easy to follow you as the reader can take a lot of useful information out of the book.

The book is a absolute recommend for everyone who wants to know more about approaches  and what are they made for. Training himself to be a more effective speaker. What speech is required in a different situation.



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