Last week i joined the Business Analysis Camp in Vienna, a very interesting and informative event for analysts and interested people. Location in a wonderful seminar hotel in the centre of Vienna we had a great time and talked about interesting topics around analytics and innovation. I was also invited to speak at a slot about collaboration and open Innovation. I will add a summary of this session later on this blog.

But first i want to highlite some points about this event. You can check some details on the event web page
A very well organized event based on a great orga team. Beginning with a mixed group of attendies you will see the transformation to a great learning group with a lot of people working and researching together.


In general, the event is happening on a yearly basis and is schedulled on two days. Some people join on the first day, some on the second day but most of the people stay the full time and join the event on both days.


The Kick off after a quick welcome and introduction is done via the first keynote. This time presented by Debra Paul who is well known in the business analysis sector. In her very friendly way she spoke about the charcteristicts of business analysis and the servcie science methodology. Very interesting including a lot of interesting insights and shared knowledge. A very nice first part into the business analysis camp.

Followed by workshops with different topics where all attendies choose the workshop they are interested in. This wa also the time where i was included to provide some knowledge and insights about team work, virtual teams, collaboration and open innovation.

Finishing this data input we started into a lunch break enjoying a wonderful lunch in the attached hotel.

Afternoon was reserved for the BarCamp part of the event. Like other camps the participants plan and prepare the following sessions by themself asking questions, offering insights and open discussions. Splitted into several rooms and into different time slots the event will continue in the BarCamp syle until the late afternoon.

Looking at the schedule a lot of interesting sessions where offered causing some difficulties where to join the groups. Luckily at barcamps it would be ok to move between the sessions.

Finishing the first day there was a usability testing planned. Companies and groups brought prototypes and ideas to receive some tester feedback. A very funny concept as you never know who is your tester and what would be the result. Different prototypes whre included, software, paper prototype and also some real hardware to test.

At the end we finished with some drinks and prepared our self for the second part.

Getting up early in the morning we started again with a powerful keynote about the personal brand and self motivation by Torsten Koerting. After this powerful kick off we started again into the next workshops. I choose a quick introduction into Design Thinking as i am always interested in new ways using these great methodology.

The second bar camp session followed up on the first one and offered again a wide range of interesting sessions.

But at some point it is time to say good bye. The event has ended late afternoon on Friday and most of the people started their way home.

A wonderful event and i will absolutly join again in 2018.
Compliment to the orga Team.



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