I just had an interesting session about this method. A method to identify potentials and risks about your idea. It is called the 6 hats and can be used in many ways and situations like and idea creation or development session all kinds of innovation and developments. So let me give you some thoughts about it.

Why 6 hats?

Every hat stands for its very own way of viewing or you can also say every role in this method has its own hat. During the process every role will give a statement to your idea. You start putting on the first hat and give a statement. Then the second…..

Whats hats do we have?

As mentioned we will have 6 hats.

white, red, black, yellow, green, blue

The white hat – stands for a person who will check the data and facts you have to support your idea

The red hat – This one is looking for potential problems you will occur when developing your idea

The black hat – This one is a pessimist, the black hat will check for weaknesses

The yellow hat – is a very positive one and will focus on benefits and strengths in your idea

The green one – is a very creative one and look into the future and creative potentials in your idea

And the blue hat – The blue hat is a controller, what needs to be done next. do we need to involve one of the other hats again?


Pixabay hat-35004_1280

How do use it

This is quiet simple, take your idea and start with the first one. Take a piece of paper and mark it as the white hat. Start to collect the facts and data about your idea. Collect everything you will find. Then change your hat. It is important to stay in your role. Cut between the roles. You can also set a timer when you should change to another role. At some point take the blue hat and check your results. The idea and analyze is developing while you do the process. You can also do this in a small group. Start with the white hat. after this everyone should take one of the hats and write down his thinking you can also speak about it aloud.
You will quickly see the development. Also identifying weaknesses and problems to be solved before going to the next steps.


Easy and effective

A great step in idea development, identifying problems and strengths. Focusing on the right next steps. A quick and easy method in your developing process


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