A special way to tell a story. The picture story or call it a comic. A lot of people like comics. They are present in many ways. As a kid you know the stories of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. And you can also find newer versions telling jokes in your newspaper. You can also find them in commercials and TV shows. So comics are very present in your daily life.

But why putting this into your Innovation process?

They can help in many cases. Define the problem, create ideas, work on prototypes, create solutions, present and sell your idea. As your brain is mainly working with pictures and pictures transport more information than a hundred words can do. So you should take advantage of it and there is nothing simpler than draw a simple comic telling the story about your new idea. Let´s do a quick example. Define the problem. If you think about a problem and you try to find the main reason or the main cause. It can be very helpful to draw a story about it and the comic will help you understand the background where the problem occurs. It will give you a very different view on the problem and also helps you to understand the problem and the situation where it appears. Very helpful if you want to show and explain it to your team members and supporters.

A second example would be the solution itself. If you got the idea and you need to show and explain the solution to the group of stakeholder it would be much simpler to present the story in pictures than trying to explain every single step with a huge explanation where, who and how something is happening. The comic will prevent the diffusion if the listeners will understand the idea in the wrong way.

The comic will transport the story about where and how the idea will help solving the problem. So you do not need to talk a lot about it. The pictures will do it for you.

Set of Retro Comic Book Vector Design elements, Speech and Thought Bubbles

And of course you do not need to have a big talent for drawing. This is not necessary. Try to start very simple. Also sketches can help and will already improve the results.

Give it a try and check the results.

There are also a lot of trainings and information materials in the internet to help you in basic sketching and drawing.


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