Webinars are a tool to spread information to a huge group of people in a one way communication. Typically they are set up in combination of an audio conference in combination with a solution to share presentations or similar content. You will have a moderator and one or more speakers. The audience is in a listen only mode and follows the content.

Webinars can be used to provide information to a small or a large group of listeners. Inside a group, in your company or open to the public. They can be used to share updates, train people on products or announce news to the audience. You can also schedule sessions as a marketing tool. 

Today there are several solutions on the market combining the required functions and services. An audio conference as the main unit to allow the people to join the session. Below that you have a web platform containing the sharing module for presentations and content to the audience. In addition to that some platforms offer modules for questions and feedback. During the session or after the main session. Video functionality for the main speaker is another option available for webinars. Using these platforms it is quiet easy for the organizer.

The provider for webinar platforms is providing the required infrastructure and the core functions to create and proceed with a nice and interesting webinar.

Following this part you will find some Tips about how to create an interesting Webinar

–        Define the topic as a question to be answered

IF you ask a question everyone can easily identify himself with the topic. Instead of creating complex names for a session ask a question which is relevant for your audience and answer it in you webinar.

–        Create a comfortable Presentation

It is important to ha a Presentation which will assist your speaking, the people should follow your speech and your message. Do not overwhelm the audience with complex site and book like text messages. This will lead to the situation of loosing the audience while they need to focus on reading.

–        Think about using video

For some people it is still some kind of an uncomfortable situation to speak into a camera especially when you cannot see your audience. But think about it video is a very powerful tool to connect yourself to the audience as many people can build a personal relationship with you as the speaker and the topic. Also for a lot of people it is a comfortable situation if they can see the one who is speaking to you.

–        Introduce yourself

If you are not using video it is important to your audience to know who they are listening to. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your session, think about of showing a welcome slide containing some information about yourself also maybe a picture. This helps to establish a relationship to your audience as this is also the point where you need to tell the audience why they should listen to you as the referent. Speak about yourself, experiences, knowledge you have.

–        Train you speech

Think about the situation you will be in during the session. Think about what you want to show and what you will speak about. Also think about the technology you gone use. You will use a microphone for your session. Where will be your audience? Some of them will be in front of a computer or maybe on the phone. Maybe have bad connections. This makes it very important for the speaker to speak very clearly and in proper speed. Train your way of speaking

–        Include Question and Answer into the Agenda

Open a channel for your audience to come back to you after your session. At the end you should open a space for questions. Let the audience interact with you and the message. Get some feedback and see what the people are thinking about the topic. This will be a very interesting experience for you as the organizer or speaker and maybe show you some points for further developments.

–        Provide material after the session

provide further information and maybe also the presentation you made for the webinar to your audience. This helps the people to further understand the topics and keeps your session in there mind. For you will be some further marketing for you and your work. You can benefit from it when scheduling further sessions.

–        Request feedback after the session

To be able to identify some weak points at your webinar and identify points for further developments you should ask for feedbacks from the audience. This will help you to develop the session and yourself when you doing further sessions.

Including these simple tips you should be able to create an interesting and helpful Webinar for your audience. Enjoy your session.


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