Sometimes it can be very useful to change your location. This thinking or if you call it a method can be called as the third room. If you are stuck in your in your current thoughts and thinking. If there is no progress at all. You are stuck and you need to get rid of it. This is one way to bring your thinking in the flow again

The third room

The third room means you need to change the environment you are in. Why the third room – the first one is your home, the second one is your workplace. If you are stuck you should initiate a change in your location. Change environment, atmosphere and the people around you.

It is not necessary to reach out for unknown places. Places you know are also absolutely fine. The important factor is to have a place where you are feeling comfortable with. You need to have good feeling if you are at this place. This can be in the park, at a riverside in your favorite restaurant. Every place where you have a great feeling.

By changing the know environment you can break through and start to enable your creative thinking again. You will be surprised how quick this can happen. Take a look and enjoy the environment around you. Places, people and what is happening. Enjoy and take a deep breath.


You should plan this from time to time. Change your environment to enable your brain power again. If you are working in an office it could be very tricky to change the environment around you. Many people are using there break time to take a quick walk outside. This can also help you to enable your creative power again. To find some interesting opportunities and thoughts. Powering up you project progress.

Maybe you can keep this in mind when you stuck in any project in the future. Take a break and change the environment around you. Take the time and go on.



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