Lego is entering the classroom. Providing many interesting topics and experiments about physics, mechanics, robotics, live and space science and of course providing a lot of fun to pupils and teachers. The real power of Lego is the process of disassembling and rebuilding structures again and again. You got an idea take your components and build it. Using a lot of creative power and supports your imagination about 3D modelling. Houses, cars, ships, sceneries and of space ships build everything you can think of.

This power will now be brought into the classroom. Lego is calling this

LEGO education – WeDo 2.0

Learn science with a congenial probe which will lead you through every session and task which needs to be solved. And of course you need to build the probe before you can start the journey.
The WeDo2.0 package contains a box of parts and pieces which will be used during the lessons. The main part is the Smart Hub which is connected to your app and provides also the power to your experiment. The package also contains motors and sensors for motion and position. The developed app will lead you through the sessions it also contains a simple to use development kit to create new lessons. The app can be used on tablets and desktop PCs.


Flexible and creative

The app allows you to create your very own way of teaching. As the teacher you can create and schedule the topics you want to do. You can choose modules and arrange them into a stream to individualize your session. Modules like videos, tasks, articles and animations can be chosen. For teaching you can find a lot of additional information and backgrounds to prepare yourself. Materials for round about 40 lessons are involved in the package.
Your pupils will follow the step by step instructions in the app to build up the new experiment and will discover and learn about physics, mechanics and also about space science. This will all done by the established Lego principals and will inspire the pupils.

The pupils will learn basics about computer usage, programming, debugging and basic robotics. They also learn how you identify problems and how to develop solutions for it. Bring your creations to live, learn about computers, train your skills in logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and modelling simulations. Solutions can be developed in groups which can support your team or you can create competitions for it.


Great Platform and a lot of fun!

And of course Lego provides a lot of fun for pupils and teachers. A nice solution on modern teaching method. Containing great learning topics and provides great opportunities to focus your skills in many areas. Great solution for creative people.

Further information about Legos education programs can be found on


Source: Youtube – Lego Education US


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